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Capturing Iconic Images of the Dressage Horse
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•   About Caroline   •
An early passion for photography led Caroline, twelve years ago, into Equestrian Photography and subsequently into the world of dressage press photography where she has enjoyed unprecedented success.

Caroline has extensive experience in photographing world class horses in competition at the highest levels of dressage such as Prix St George and Grand Prix at prestigious international dressage venues throughout the year.

She captures those extraordinary moments of supreme expression in all the advanced movements and, as a dressage rider and competitor herself, trains daily.

She photographs the top International dressage riders and trainers in the world including Anky Van Grunsven, Adelinde Cornelissen, Edward Gal, Laura Bechtolsheimer, Kyra Kurkland, Emma Hindle, Carl Hester, Telde Minna, Dane Rawlins, David Hunt, Stephen Clarke, Erik Theilgaard, Paul Fielder, John Lassiter, Jenni Loriston-Clarke, Ferdi Eilberg, Richard Davison, and Olympic Reserve and British National Champion Maria Eilberg.

Other top international riders and trainers including Gareth Hughes, Michel Assouline, Gemma Green, Matt Hicks, Mary Sharman, Daniel Timpson, Susan Lavandera, Nicola Jourdain, Nicky Barratt, Emile Feurie, Claire Harwood, Daryl Thicket, Paulo Santos, Luis Principe, Leida Collins-Strijk, etc.

Caroline supplies images to the global dressage press which are regularly published across the globe from America to Australia.

She also provides images for British Dressage Magazine who placed one of her iconic images on their front cover, see British Dressage Magazine Dec 2008.

This year she has been providing a new image library for the Training Teachers of TomorrowTrust (TTT) working with the great masters such as Arther Kottas and Herwig Radnutter of the Spanish Riding School.

In November 2009 Caroline was the first photographer in the world to create and produce a Totilas wall calendar of Edward Gal's Moorlands Totilas: Totilas: The Living Legend, which sold out worldwide.

She currently holds one of the largest competition image libraries of this incredible stallion.

With a 15 year Marketing and Public Relations career in senior roles for some of the top brands in the World, Caroline brings a unique marketing understanding and highly creative approach to commerical equestrian photography.

The images on this page were captured by Clive Wright, a photography student of Caroline Finch